AC Motors


Parvalux manufactures a huge selection of standalone AC motors that combine with excellent right-angle and inline gearboxes. Parvalux AC induction motors are trusted by industries across the globe in applications such as high-power wiper systems and patient hoists.


They are available as either single or three phase units, with robust and durable aluminium housings. Parvalux also offer a variety of accessories to accompany your AC motors, including brakes, encoders and controllers.


For those looking for a particular specification, Parvalux fully bespoke solutions allow's to integrate other components of your drive system. Should you wish to make any changes to a standard AC motor, this can be easily arranged with our expert team of engineers.

Parvalux | AC Motors

Available as either single or three phase units, Parvalux AC electric motors come in aluminium housings as both motor-only and geared units. Our AC motors are lovingly hand-built in Britain and we export to over 80 countries.


Power range up to 250 Watts


AC induction, single and three-phase


Permanent capacitor and capacitor start/run


AC/DC series wound universal motors


Weight: 1.5 – 6.5 Kg


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